Your Trusted Name in Retirement Planning Since 1960

We focus on helping clients shield their hard-earned savings so they can successfully reach their goals and hopefully enjoy a comfortable retirement.

  • We are one of the largest distributors of annuities in the region
  • We'll tell you which annuity products we would purchase if we were you, given your objectives and our analytical prowess and experience.
  • Get a personalized strategy for your retirement savings.
  • Our objective is to first encourage you to include us on your “shortlist”of annuity providers, to allow us to prove our value, in hopes that you will become one of our “Happy clients” who allow us to globally manage their annuity portfolio.
  • ​We are realistic. We know you will need to see evidence that we continue to care for your money with the same degree of care we use in caring for our own.
  • Our loyal clients claim that having us globally manage their portfolios provide better overall service and results than they achieved before.


BBB rating a+

We will not overpromise regarding the results you should expect, and leave you disappointed. Our reputation speaks for itself.

We will always make it our effort to underpromise and overdeliver.

Why are we the right choice for your annuity needs?

Would you buy a 4.5% fixed rate five year annuity if you knew another five year contract was available paying you 1.5% more each year? 99.9% of the time.

Due to our product design background, we have proprietary tools for this. We do not know of any other entity using historical data and “permutation testing” to prove how different contracts crediting methods would pan out in real life. We also pay attention to economic circumstances when recommending products.

  • We design Annuities - We’ve used them in our own portfolios for decades.
  • We will show you the results of the annuities we use in our portfolios.
  • We do not sell different products than we buy.
  • We have thousands of reviews and ZERO complaints.
  • We are known for our Nationally Televised Financial Documentaries (PBS).
  • We impose a higher standard since our company’s inception.
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About Cap Averill II & Associates

Cap Averill II and Associates Inc is a respected, rock solid company with an enduring reputation for having happy clients.

Features valued by our steadfast clients include:
  • Comprehensive Product Menu
  • Proprietary Product Comparison Program

I will not sell anyone anything I would not be purchasing myself if I were in their position

-Cap Averill II

Cap Averill Smiling

Meet The Team

The best part about dealing with us is our fantastic team. Our team members have been with us longer than many local firms have been in business. Although semi-retired now, Cap Averill Sr. was licensed back in the 1960’s. We have owned the colonial style building at 2600 N Reynolds Road since 1977.

Cap Averill II
Cap Averill II
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Debbie Soldwish
Collin Moore
Collin Moore
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Jenifer Brown
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Gyeral Nice
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Dave Hoobler
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Randall A. Yates
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What we offer

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a specialty. We focus on helping clients shield their hard-earned savings so they can successfully reach their goals and hopefully enjoy a comfortable retirement.

We offer what we consider to be the best-in-class products for tax qualified or after-tax money. We offer tax sheltered annuities (403B's) for doctors, educators, law enforcement and government employees. We also offer 401K planning, set-up, and support for small businesses.

We are qualified successor custodians for 401Ks, 403Bs, IRAs, and other tax qualified plans. We can help you with a rollover on a tax preferred basis.

We are well known for practicing what we preach. The products we recommend are among the same we use for our own families' retirement plans.

Woman writing on paper
Cap speaking with a happy client

Single Purpose Planning

We are eager to win you over, not just based on service, but based on watching the bottom line. This is where several generations of planning knowledge will serve you well.

We are happy to work with other advisors or even compete with them for your business. In fact, we will happily give you a no cost or obligation second opinion to help you evaluate a new plan or the one you currently have. Being involved with us will keep everyone in your financial life on their toes.

Multiple Purpose Planning/
Comprehensive Planning

Many of our established clients initially came to us seeking better performance with money they wanted at lower risk. They continued to work with us on more comprehensive planning because of results.

We work well with customers who want to be highly involved in the process, as well as those who take a hands-off approach but want to be sure they have professionals they can trust.

Happy family at dinner table
Cap with happy client

Life Insurance

In addition to advising on retirement savings strategies, we are also well versed in all forms of life insurance products including universal and term life, irrevocable insurance trusts, pension maximization, buy-sell agreements, etc.

Many who pruchased Universal Life insurance in the 80's and 90's are facing sharp premium increases and the real possibility their policies will lapse. We can evaluate your policy and advise you on the next steps to take.


Happy Clients Tell the Story

We are happy to share past statements from our own portfolios on contracts we recommend, as well as hundreds of redacted statements from our happy clients, in addition to the more common “projections” which are made available by our competitors.

I need somebody who I can trust, who's honest and follows through with what they say.

Mark Knackstead

I am a happy client and I'm telling your story. I can say now I sleep well at night.

Steve Lennex

I think it's one of the better decisions I've made in this point of my life, given what the options are out there.

Clement Drombrowski

Cap puts his money where his advice goes, and I love that.

Jeff Jantz

Human Interest

Cap Averill TV Appearances

Mr. Averill co-anchored the Public Television documentary “Wants and Needs” with Gordon Ward. He has been featured as a guest on WTOL’s THE LEADING EDGE with Jerry Anderson, WTVG’s CONKLIN and COMPANY, FOX NEWS and WSPD.

He studied at the University of Toledo, The Ohio State University, and University of California Santa Barbara. He continuously engages in additional educational pursuits and achievements in his field.

He has won international awards for his documentaries and independent films at the Hollywood International High Definition Festival, Paramount Studios Hollywood, International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana Cinefest, and Ozark Mountain Film Festival.

Cap is active in Autism intervention and education for parents of autistic kids.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you book your call and fill out the short questionnaire, one of our agents will call you and personally guide you through the list of companies that offer crediting methods that best suit you. When you do this with us (no cost or obligation), your agent will be cross referencing your preferred options against the ones we buy ourselves, and against the ones that have the best "Firewall" attributes.

In addition to the compelling reasons below, It is extremely rare for any Agent who is working for a Broker Dealer or Agency to have access to more than a handful of products. In fact, those products are typically the ones the Brokerage entity requires the Agent sell, out of the handful of products they happen to have access to. Independent Insurance producers cannot typically satisfy production/distribution requirements needed to satisfy multiple carriers, so likewise selection can be limited.

That is NOT true. In fact, in 1981, the year our owner was licensed, Fixed Annuities paid over 20% in fixed rates as prime rates were over 20%. We have hundreds of statements showing high 20% ANNUAL returns going back decades (including the past decade) and even returns of over 50% on two year crediting.* This was all in the FIXED annuity (not variable) market.

*Performance quoted represents past performances, which is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than what is stated.

We believe that an efficient system was needed to efficiently deliver pivotal information about annuities to investors and retirees. Therefore, we felt we were ideal for creating an information pipeline. We not only designed product, but we also hold Annuities in our own portfolios!

Our Actuaries began building spreadsheets known as "Retirevana." This is our FREE proprietary method of properly educating people about the products they are considering before purchasing something they might be less satisfied with.

This is another FREE proprietary tool originally invented to test out risk mitigation methods for the Averill Family Portfolio, which has now been perfected as a type of a "Retirement Income Plan Crash Tester". Using actual historical financial data used in designing annuities, the "Retirement Firewall" effect is also a proprietary way of managing Annuities with the purpose of focus on providing support when other areas are weak. Instead of focusing on stability of principle alone, or "not losing when the market falls", we understand that during times like these, a complacent dollar loses over half its buying power in less than ten years. So we see it as our obligation to ensure that our clients have the same inflation protecting higher return potential in their annuities.

The annuity "DYNO" is another FREE proprietary tool invented by our product design team.
In automotive, a "DYNO" was used to test the efficiency and power of car motor designs. Consumers do not always know this, but your annuity has a "motor" of sorts, called the "crediting method". Either it is "fuel efficient" (low fee) or not. Either it is "powerful" (high return potential) or not. So, the question remains…with thousands of choices, and each company and agent claiming theirs to be the best, how can you make an educated decision? We can show you how we make our decisions for our money, with our decades of experience.

For informative purposes, our product design division has invented the "Annuity DYNO." This is made to test the "motor" of the annuity you own or are considering.



  • In buying a FIXED RATE annuity, of 4.5% return, consider a product currently being offered with a crediting method which shows returns no less than 5.5% EVER, and between 7.25% and 9.25% nearly 70% of the time in hypothetical historical back tests using REAL data and CURRENT (not guaranteed) rates offered today.*
  • OR would you like to learn about a 10 year annuity that has never returned less than 5.71% and has had a 64.68% chance of returning between 8.17% and 10.17% under certain circumstances which currently prevail in hypothetical historical back testing over 10 years.*

* Performance quoted represents past performances, which is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than what is stated.

Did you know that of the most popular crediting methods available in the top ten most frequently sold annuities in America, there are several that do not exceed 2.5% return on average in backtests.


Would you buy a 4% fixed rate five year annuity if you knew another five year contract was available whose current crediting method offering shows it would have paid (ex.) over 7% over 90% of the time, and never less than 5.5% over the past 20 years in Hypothetical historical back testing of the current rate of the crediting method using proper calculations and real historical data?

Even if we agree that history does not repeat itself, nor predict the future, is this not interesting, or even pivotal information to have?

When the Averill family is going to put money in an Annuity, we use this (and other tools) to understand exactly under what conditions certain annuity crediting methods underperform or outperform. Let us perform that same service for you!

If the technical part of annuities does not interest you or you do not feel it is your area of strength, please ask one of us to complete the study on your behalf for free and come back to you with a crystal-clear analysis and recommendation – all with no cost or obligation!


Even if we agree historical back testing cannot in any way be predictive of future results, compare that statistic against the 2%- 2.5% maximum possible annual return which would have been received using the most popular crediting method of several of the top ten most widely sold annuities in America. All annuities are not created equal.

This is not a "Bonus "gimmic" this is not an INCOME RIDER BENEFIT YOU ONLY REALIZE IF YOU ANNUITIZE.

Want to know what annuities Averills own in their own portfolios? Just ask.

We are an Accredited Business with an A+ rating

We handle each client's portfolio with the same attention we give to our own family members, regardless of whether the client is just starting out or a multi-millionaire.

Yes, We will review the plan, offer feedback and clarify additional questions.

As often as you wish, at no additional cost. We strongly recommend at least once per year, but many of our clients enjoy quarterly or more frequent visits. Plus enjoy "TheAnnuityApp" to keep in touch with your portfolio and stay up to date on top offerings.